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Kindergarten is the first step in formal education. We believe it is important for that first step to be a positive experience.  At Ambassador Academy kindergartners will begin to develop a love of 
When entering kindergarten a student may just be learning the alphabet or already reading and ready for the next step.  Each student's program is tailored specifically to them to ensure mastery of material and to keep them challenged and interested in learning.  A solid curriculum is used to provide a strong foundation.  Enrichment stations and special projects allow students to practice the skills they are learning.  
Students will participate in the annual all-school program. The program includes music, drama and academic accomplishments.  

Other school-wide activities include:

  • Church library
  • Community visitors and special guests
  • Exploring the Campus

Christian education at Ambassador Academy is in every teachable moment throughout the day.   We provide a caring, safe, and God-honoring environment while providing excellence in education.  Throughout the year kindergartners will grow in their understanding of how they are loved by God and how to honor God in all they say and do (Colosians 3:23-24).
Kindergarten recess includes teacher-lead games, skill-building activities, and free play.  
Welcome to Kindergarten 

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Now accepting applications for 2014-2015  
Children must be age 5 
by Sept 1,2014 to apply.
Do you offer half-day kindergarten?
No. Our kindergarten program is designed to be full-time only, 9:00am - 3:20pm.  

How many students are in the classroom? 
We keep the kindergarten classroom size at approximately ten students. Small class size and low teacher-to-student ratios ensure each student gets the attention they need to succeed.  

Do you have before or after school care?
No. Students are dropped off no earlier than 8:45am and picked up no later than 3:20pm.

What are the tuition costs for Kindergarten?
Tuition is $350.00 per month. See the Handbook link to the upper left for more information on tuition and registration fees. 

Do you have references from parents whose children have completed your program? 
We have many families who have completed and are currently in the kindergarten program that are willing to share their experiences with you. Email for contact information or call (507) 292-9353.

learning as they gain new skills and experience success in putting those skills to use. 
Frequently Asked Questions